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OSBI investigates fatal police-involved shooting

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SEMINOLE, Okla. -- The OSBI is investigating a fatal police-involved shooting in Seminole. 

Aaron Palmer, 24, was shot and killed by a Seminole County law enforcement officer Saturday night at his home in Seminole at 1931 Killingsworth. 

Officials said Palmer confronted the officer with a knife.

Law enforcement officials were actually looking for Aaron Palmer's dad. 

Palmer's next door neighbor and landlord tells us his dad hasn't lived there in years but his car was parked in a field across the street. 

Officers did not find who they were looking for and instead shot and killed his son.

Vince Vanlandingham employed Aaron Palmer at Valiant Paintless Dent Repair in Seminole. 

He also called Palmer a very good friend. 

"He's the nicest person I've ever met. We all loved and adored him," Vanlandingham said. 

He's still in shock over what happened to Palmer. 

"I just don't know how you justify what's happened to him. It's just not fair," he said.

Saturday around 7 p.m., Seminole police went to Palmer's home. 

They were trying to serve a warrant for failure to comply with drug court to Palmer's dad, Randall Palmer. 

Police said Aaron Palmer confronted an officer with a knife and that officer shot him once in the chest. 

Kent Dawson lives next door and was out in his front yard when it happened. 

"As the first two cops that entered the house crossed out of my sight into the front door, not more than one second passed before there was a gunshot," Dawson said. "Initially I thought they had shot the Pit Bull that was sitting out there close to the front porch."

Dawson said he doesn't see how Palmer even had time to arm himself. 

"It's a short hallway, very short hallway and he was shot in the hallway. In other words the door opened and immediately they shot," he said.

Vanlandingham said Aaron Palmer was recently engaged and was raising his 3-year-old daughter, Mia, who was home at the time of the shooting. 

"I know he's not an aggressive person. He's a nice person. He'd give the shirt off his back to help anyone," he said. 

Vanlandingham's daughter was in a car accident Saturday and he just happened to be at the Shawnee hospital when Palmer was rushed in by ambulance. 

"I was able to go into the emergency room with him where they treated him for his gunshot. I was there until he quit breathing," he said.

The Seminole County law enforcement officer who shot Palmer is on routine administrative leave. 

His name has not been released. 

When OSBI is done with their investigation, they will turn it over to the district attorney who will determine if the shooting was justified.