Wake up! Join us at 4 a.m. each weekday!

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The team of Ali, Kent and David was just a cast of characters only a Hollywood director could have dreamed up. So, we’re disbanding them instead.

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Just kidding! What we are doing is starting our weekday news a tad bit earlier than usual – at 4AM! So, whether you’re an early (early) riser or your occupational duties require nighttime work, catch up with our coffee-laden colleagues at 4AM starting Monday, August 27th and we’ll be ready to roll with an early start to the day’s news and a look at the day’s upcoming weather.

For the first few weeks, we’ll be looking at who lands a permanent 4AM anchor spot, and to kick things off, Joleen Chaney will be first up to bat this Monday. Chase Thomason, who just arrived here from Lubbock, Texas on a bus a few weeks ago (he may have walked, in order to study drought conditions – we are not sure) will head up your day’s weather.

We hope you’re excited as we are to bring you, yawn, a new 4AM newscast! Yep, we’re tired from all the preparation. So, wake up with us Oklahoma! We hope you’ll love it.

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