Illegal gambling machines seized all over Logan Co.

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. -- To the novice, they might look like ordinary video games but Logan County authorities said they are actually illegal gambling machines. 

Logan County Sheriff's Deputy Rob Groseclose said, "Basically you'd go up and gamble at the machine. You'd get a ticket, take it to the cashier and they'd pay you out of the cash box or the register at the store."

The raid was part of a six-month investigation, prompted by citizen complaints.

Groseclose told us, "These guys went in several times and actually observed and even video taped people gambling and being paid in cash from the cashier."

Deputies checked out convenience stores in every corner of the county; Langston, Cresent, Guthrie and everywhere in between. 

They found nearly two-dozen illegal machines in five stores.

We made attempts to reach the owners of several convenience stores.

One store owner claimed he thought the machines were legal here.

Another refused comment and one employee told us, "I just work here. I don't know anything."

Logan County law enforcers believe this bust is just the tip of the iceberg. 

According to Groseclose, "We've heard some things, some rumblings, that it's not just convenience stores. So apparently these machines are at quite a few other places."

Authorities are serving notice that they are coming and intend to shut down those illegal operations as well.

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