Rain chances possible this week

Oklahoma Baptist Relief lends helping hand

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma Baptist Relief is heading south to help with Hurricane Isaac victims.

"As of Wednesday afternoon there were 550,000 homes in Louisiana without power and the storm has not even made it to Baton Rogue," Disaster Relief Director Sam Porter said.

Porter said, "There's going to be thousands of homes flooded when it finally moves out."

Volunteers showed us one of a handful of food mobiles where volunteers will prepare about 35,000 meals a day.

This is a full-circle moment for Bill White, his very first relief mission was during hurricane Katrina.

Seven years to the day, he'll be back in Louisiana.

"The people are always so grateful. They just can't say thank you enough because they are really surprised that people will come all this way to help them," White said.

Baptist officials said the non-stop 80 mile per hour wind has already destroyed homes and businesses but the worst is yet to come.

"When their world falls apart we want to be there as a Christian believer to just love on them," Porter said. "Sometimes the love is actually sorting through the ashes or their muddy house or trees that has fallen all over their house and cars."

Baptist relief will rotate a new 70-member team every week until most of the damage is repaired.