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Suspects accused in OKC school copper theft

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City Public Schools are asking for the public’s help, not with a fundraiser or school project, but to solve a crime.

Turns out thieves staked out a metro elementary school and made out with thousands of dollars in stolen property.

In the video you can see them making their way up and down the halls of Hayes Elementary School; they aren’t students, they're accused thieves.

They are accused of stocking up on electronics inside the building and out.

"About 4,000 feet of copper wire,” OKC Police MSgt. Gary Knight said. “It's no secret that copper is a very popular item for thieves to steal because it's got a very quick turnaround for cash."

Police aren’t sure how the thieves got inside; they can’t tell where anyone broke in and school officials said all the doors were locked.

"At least two persons had made entry into the school,” Knight said. “Apparently there was no forced entry. It's unclear how they got into the building."

In addition to the 4,000 feet of copper, they also got a flat screen TV from the school office, two-way radios and speakers.

It all adds up to a lot of time and money stolen from the school district.

"I think this is a sad event,” OKC Public Schools’ Kathleen Kennedy said. “The fact that you're coming into a school building and you’re stealing from kids… It delays projects, it delays construction and it's costly."

The burglary didn't hinder class, just progress on the school's new gym and the upgrades that MAPS for Kids is providing to the building.

School district officials are asking the public to keep an eye out for suspicious activity at area schools.

OKC Police ask for you to call them if you have any information.