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Burns Flat renter’s dispute

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BURNS FLAT, Okla. -- A Burns Flat landlord is in another bitter dispute with a renter. 

Just two weeks ago we told you about landlord Charlie Hough left with $37,000 in damages to one of his rent homes. 

He said the damage was caused by two angry renters who he evicted; the pair was arrested. 

Now Hough is involved in another battle.

This new case has not led to criminal charges but it’s certainly a hot war of words.

It's not over rent money but rather over painted cabinets and other alleged damage.

Renter Shawn Perkins admitted to painting the old cabinets in the house.   

"It is his property and I was in the wrong by taking actions without asking him first," he said.

Hough wants $500 for the “damage” done to the cabinets and also said Perkins damaged the breaker box in the house. 

That prompted Hough to take the breaker box and the air conditioner from the rent house.

Perkins said this is a case of a crooked landlord. 

Hough said this is just a case of a homeowner trying to protect his property and has kicked Perkins out of the house effective Sept. 1. 

The drama continues in Burns Flat with this controversial landlord and we will continue to follow it. 

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