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Clown-car burglars pillage Edmond neighborhoods

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Doran Merkley is usually a cautious guy; he locks the car safely in the garage most every night. 

Merkley said, "It's not normally in the driveway but this night it was outside and unlocked."

His vehicle was burglarized; thieves got away with an expensive GPS and he's not the only victim.

According to Edmond police records, there were dozens of thefts in 11 neighborhoods, including Timber Ridge, Coffee Creek, Clayton Pond, Old Towne and several others.
Investigators believe there is a ring leader who recruits teenagers, some as young as 13. 

They load up a van like a "clown car with 5 to 10 people" and fan out, looking for any unlocked car they can find.

Edmond Police Capt. Tim Dorsey said, "Their buddy will come back and pick them up and move to the next spot. They're lazy and looking for easy money."

Police said they've taken electronics, cash, golf clubs, even a full suitcase, stolen from Mary Carpenter's house guest. 

A neighbor broke the bad news around 5 a.m.

Mary said, "He saw all her doors open even the back hatch was open. He came to the door to let us know."

Police said these young criminals are extremely quick and quiet. 

Removing your valuables and locking that car door will likely prevent you from being the next target.

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