Storms possible this weekend

OSU breaks out new ways to ensure fan safety

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- There's nothing like the excitement of a big football game.

In Stillwater, students are already camping out to be the first into the stadium.

However, amidst all this fun, there has to be an element of safety and this year OSU is stepping it up.

Dozens of extra officers, portable watch towers and a network of surveillance cameras will be watching over football fans at OSU’s Boone Pickens Stadium this weekend.

What do you get when 50,000 people gather in one place with lots of passion and energy? 

You get a great time but you could also get some problems.

That's why you'll see some changes Saturday at OSU’s first football game.

What can fans expect at the season opener?

As always, a command center will be the hub of operation but there will watchful guards from a new bird's-eye view.

"We've gotten a couple of sky watch towers that are hydraulic-controlled towers that allow us to get a view from about 20 feet in the air,” OSU Police Chief Mike Robinson said.

The view includes the plaza and tailgating tents, plus the towers are portable.

No more wooden barriers, there will now be three new security barricades; one near Gallagher Iba and two used to shut down Hall of Fame Ave. for block party fun.

“That way if someone hits the gas pedal instead of the brake or if there is a terrorist attack we have something that will physically stop a vehicle as opposed to vehicles that are really just a visual barricade," Robinson said.

Fans will be under more surveillance but also better protection.

OSU student Samantha Schilthuis said, "I think it's great. I think it's more fun to know, like, you're going to be safe when you're at the games. The games are great anyway so I'm really going to enjoy it this year."