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Police investigate burglary ring after unusual targets

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CHICKASHA, Okla. -- Chickasha Police are investigating a unique burglary ring that isn’t targeting what most might expect.

From hand tools to jackhammers to generators, the suspected thieves had a lot gathered up around Brandon Bordwine's construction business.

Bordwine said the suspects spent several hours at his place wandering around and even taking a little nap to rest up, after all, police believe this is one busy group.

"Once inside the businesses there's one place they go, to break rooms,” Chickasha Police Detective Sgt. Traye said. “In particular, the vending machines where they pry into them for cash."

Brandon's place was a bit out of the ordinary routine for a theft ring police believe has hit 26 different businesses in town in just the last four weeks.

“You can go to any factory and find a break room inside and that seems to be what they're focusing on,” Sgt. Traye said. “They're target goal seems to be vending machines."

From the high school to a local filter factory to Brandon's construction business, police said it's quite an operation; one they hope to put out of business.