Wildcare releases healed birds back into wild

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NOBLE, Okla. -- While many of you have been celebrating the Labor Day weekend, the folks down at Wildcare have had something else to celebrate.

This weekend volunteers gathered for the release of a few baby Mississippi Kites now strong enough to be off on their own.

Saturday, volunteers at Wildcare in Noble released 46 Mississippi Kites back into the wild. 

Wildcare Director Rondi Large said, "Today is a celebration."

A celebration just weeks after these baby birds came in to the facility.

It was early August, Rondi first showed all these baby Kites.

Concerned citizens, like Cara Cook and her son Blake, had rescued the animals.

Cook said, "It was just sitting there. I think it was overheated."

The babies had left their nest in an effort to escape the sun but were unable to care for themselves.

More than 400 baby Kites were eventually brought to Wildcare.

A team of about 75 volunteers hand-fed them.

Rondi said, "If you can think about it, it's meticulous standing on your feet feeding these Kites when it's 100 degrees outside."

The Kites have become more independent so the volunteers have released them with the final 46 taking flight Saturday.

Unfortunately, a few of the kites brought in were already dead or died shortly after arrival.

In all 386 were released.

Wildcare is a non-profit organization.

Get more information on Wildcare here.

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