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Convicted triple-murderer dies in Oklahoma prison

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MCALESTER, Okla. — An Oklahoma man on death row for triple murder dies in an Oklahoma prison.

That prisoner passed away at the state penitentiary Monday morning in McAlester.

The victim’s family confirms the prisoner to be 55-year-old William Davis.

Although we don’t know how Davis died, the victim’s family called it a glorious day for justice.

The week of Labor Day in 2007, inside a Norman home, three people were shot to death. 

Joe Link still recalls giving his wounded wife, Tami, CPR after she suffered a gunshot to the neck and head.

“I remember holding my hand over her throat and trying to block it so the air could go in,” Link said. “There was just no way. I didn’t have the hands to breathe life into her. When you go through that, it lives with you everyday.”

In addition to his wife, Joe’s elderly mother, Letannah Bishop, and sister-in-law, Sheila Ellis, were also murdered inside the home.

Prosecutors arrested William Davis for the killings and in 2010 jurors recommended he be put to death.

A sentence the state now won’t have to carry out, after Davis passed away this week behind bars.

“Every bit of the family I’ve been in contact with has said, ‘Thank God. It’s a good day,'” Link said.

Link, a legally blind Vietnam vet, said Davis’ death will allow the family to move on and not have to wait another 10 to 15 years for justice.

“That dark cloud of anticipation of when he’s gonna die on death row, that’s over. It’s a relief to our family,” Link said.

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