Still have vacation days? Best deals after Labor Day

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If you're not one of the 33 million expected to travel this holiday weekend, and still have vacation days left to take, consider yourself lucky.

Those of you pining for a late summer getaway later this month or next should pat yourself on the back for being smart.

After-labor-day travel has become the most pleasurable of the pleasure travel season.

Orbitz Travel Editor Jeanenne Tornatore said, "This is the time when the temperatures are still nice, there are no crowds and you're going to find great bargains and not just here in the United States but even in the Caribbean and Europe."

In London, for example, hotels are 60 percent cheaper than they were during the Olympics.

SmartMoney’s Kelli Grant said, "We got all this hotel buildup in London, which are now empty because those crowds are gone; a lot of empty rooms and a lot of good deals."

The prices at domestic destinations also drop dramatically after this weekend. 

Tornatore said, "Places like Colorado, the theme park destinations, even some of the city destinations like Chicago and D.C.”

Even in Hawaii, luxury hotels and resorts will be charging rates 40 percent lower than just last week. 

Airfares won't be dropping much before October but the lower costs of everything else can offset that in places where there's a month of summer left.

Grant said, "Still have excellent weather in that first couple of weeks of September but the pricing is just so much better."

Experts said that post-Labor Day travel may be more attractively priced this year due to the unstable economy.

- Chris Clackum, NBC News

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