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15-year-old Okla. girl wins high school football game

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TECUMSEH, Okla. -- Every Oklahoma high school football team dreams of winning a state championship, including the Tecumseh Savages. 

But the football team was missing one key component to real success, a kicker.

Coach Greg George began courting Ernie Goethe's 15 year daughter.

Stand out soccer player Jenni Goethe recently caught the eye of the team.

Jenni's mom was running laps around the Tecumesh High School track and Jennifer decided to pass the time by kicked field goals. 

Several football players saw her, grabbed their cell phones and quickly called the coach.

George said, "We started out here in front of 45 kids. She nailed it, so we moved it back five yards and she hit it so we moved it back five more. Everybody was got excited."

Only two days after joining the squad, Jennifer was called to duty. 

A missed 40 yard field goal and a blocked PAT didn't rattle her confidence last Friday night. 

Jenni's father, Ernie, told us, "He was up in the air and fell into her. He pasted her to the ground. She got up and she was mad. She wanted to get back on the field to get a piece back."

Jenni would get a chance at redemption. 

Regulation play ended with a 13-13 tie. 

Noble missed an overtime field goal and the Savages' offense stalled on the five yard line.

Jenni said, "Twice we threw it into the end zone. The ref said we were out of bounds. Whatever. And then it's fourth down. I'm jogging out there, super excited."

The sophomore soccer player connected with that pigskin and left no doubt! 

Jenni said, "Next thing I know I'm turning around and running because I was so excited it went through the uprights."

Tecumseh High School has a new hero. 

But like any team player, Jennifer Goethe quickly defers the credit. 

"It wasn't me," she said. "I only had one play. It was the team. They put me in that opportunity. They deserve the credit."