High school student busted for potpourri

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EDMOND, OK -- High schoolers hear about potpourri everyday in the halls and classrooms.

We're not talking about the pleasant frangance Grandma uses in the guest room.     

It may look the same but this blend of synthetic herbs mimicks the high of marijuana.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agent Mark Woodward said, "These kids are ending up in the hospital from these products sold for $60 behind the register from these stores and employees who know exactly what they're doing. They don't care."

Recently, a 14-year-old Edmond "Husky" was busted for smoking potpourri on campus. 

According to the police report, a school custodian could smell "a sweet, smokey odor" coming from the restroom. 

Edmond Police Dept. Spokesperson Jenny Monroe said, "He pulled two bags of potpourri out of his pocket and one was labeled 'DEA compliant' which is similar to k-2 marijuana sold in smoke shops."

This problem isn't exclusive to Edmond North High School. 

Young adults know potpourri is readily available at gas stations and on the web.

It's technically legal but that's about to change later this year.

Nov. 1 new synthetic herbs will become illegal in Oklahoma. 

But narcotics agents admit it is an on-going battle.

Woodward said, "In the last three years we've passed laws outlawing these chemicals but each time they change the chemical slightly and put it under a different name."

Under any name, authorities said kids are playing a game of Russian roulette everytime they experiment with potpourri.