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Woman concerned about mosquitos in neighbor’s pool

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DEL CITY, Okla. -- Cynthia Island is upset about her neighbor's pool.

She's angry but also afraid of the swarming mosquito's hovering around the unused water.

Island says, "It's a mess over there, garbage is in that pool it's just plain nasty and I'm tired of it. I want something done."

She says she has tried to talk to her Del City neighbor about the problem but nothing has changed.

As the death toll and number of West Nile cases increases Island panics when she sees bunches of mosquitoes coming over to her yard.

"They are rampant all over here because of that pool. They're laying eggs everyday and I'm afraid my children or grandchildren are going to get sick," says Island.

We tried to talk to the homeowner but no on came to the door. So we contacted the Oklahoma County Health Department to find what Island can do.

"If you have this problem, you can contact us and we will try to work with the owner or send an abatement notice to get them to correct. If they don't fix it, we will treat it ourselves." said Environmental Inspector Charles Bartusch with Oklahoma County Health Department.

The policy is to cover, drain or maintain.

If homeowners don't follow these guidelines they can be cited.

If it's a vacant property that has standing water, inspectors move right in to take care of the problem.

Health officials recommend the Four D's:

  • Drain standing water
  • Use products with Deet
  • Dress with long sleeves and pants
  • Be extra careful during at dusk and dawn

If you have concerns about stagnant water near your property you can call the Consumer Protection hotline at the Oklahoma County Health Department 405.425.4347 or click on this complaint form link.

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