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“Risky Business” style party gets out of control

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EDMOND, Okla. -- As the 1983 classic movie Risky Business suggests, when the parents are away, the kids will play.  

An Edmond teen had every intention of throwing a small shindig at his parent's house in northeast Edmond but word spread like an Oklahoma wildfire.

Edmond Police Spokesperson Jenny Monroe said, "It escalated to 50 people. There were people inside and out. It got out of hand. He didn't know everybody and he started to shut it down."

As he was escorting people to the curb, detectives say 18-year-old Garen Wheeler was raiding the house of valuables. 

The uninvited guest allegedly ripped off nearly $12,000 in property including handguns, jewelry, wallets and credit cards.

The teenaged party crasher began using those stolen credit cards all over town. 

What he didn't realize, cameras were watching his every move.

Police were able to compare surveillance video with Edmond High School year book pictures. 

That quickly lead to the suspect's arrest.

According to Monroe, "The student came through the Edmond School system and so we went through the school system to see if anyone recognized the video. We made a match."

Wheeler was arrested and booked for felony larceny.

Some of the stolen property has been recovered but police are still looking for two missing firearms.