Firefighters help the fallen finish their mission

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OKLAHOMA CITY—The anniversary for the 9/11 terrorist attacks is just days away and Oklahoma firefighters decided to remember those who lost their lives with a special tribute on Saturday.

It was a somber scene, but one of unity as firefighters from all over the Sooner State and Kansas climbed 110 flights of stairs to honor those who rushed into the Twin Towers trying to save lives.

At 8:47 a.m.,  fire crews marched into the First National Center representing the men and women who were killed in the attack on the World Trade Center.

Joe Russell, with the Oklahoma Memorial Stair Climb, said, “We have firefighters from Oklahoma and Kansas climbing 110 floors, the height of the Twin Towers, to honor each FDNY member that died.”

Each participant was dressed in full gear with a badge bearing the name of one of the 343 fallen firefighters around their neck.

Russell said, “They have to climb up the building four different times. The fourth time, they go from one to two, which bring it to 110 and they place an accountability tag on an accountability board to signify that their firefighter completed their task.”

At the end of the morning, they were able to make it to the top of 110 floors and finish the climb for those who never got to complete their mission that fateful day.

Russell said, “Just to honor the promise that everybody gave to never forget.”

All the money raised from the event will benefit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Fund and the National Fallen Firefighter Fund.