Handicapped couple cited for parking in handicapped spot

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A disabled woman is now fighting a ticket for parking in a handicap spot.  

Marsha Keith thought her handicap placard was good forever but found out it actually expired 12 years ago.  

Keith and her husband were issued a $150 ticket.

Keith said, "I said, 'How did you get a ticket for parking in handicap parking when we put the placard on the windshield?' He said, 'The tag expired,' and I said, 'How does a permanent placard expire?'" 

Keith told us she was issued the placard in 1993.

According to Oklahoma City Police,  a law was passed in 1998 that required everyone to renew their placards every five years.

That included the ones labeled “permanent.”

"Before if you were issued one it was permanent. What they found over time is that the placards were being abused or passed on," Capt. Don Martin said.

In most situations like this, police issue a ticket because they don’t know who is actually using the expired placard.

Martin said parking enforcement isn’t just about issuing citations but also educating people about the law.

If parking enforcement saw that it was Keith using the handicap placard, police told us she would have just been told to renew it.

When the law was passed, officials tried to notify everyone about the change.

Somehow, Marsha Keith slipped through the cracks.

Keith said she will get a new placard to avoid paying the ticket.