Police find toddlers home alone

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City police found two small children home alone after responding to a burglary call.

Their parents were nowhere to be found.

Just before midnight, police showed up at a home near 14th St. and Billen Ave.

A neighbor called authorities and told them he caught someone breaking into a vehicle parked in the driveway.

When police went to the door, it was closed but not latched.

When the officer knocked the door opened.

Inside police said they found two small children, ages four and six, alone.

One had tears rolling down her cheeks and was visibly shaking, according to a police report.

The other was asleep on the floor.

Police said the children's mothers, 25-year-old Teresa Grider and 23-year-old Anysha Davis, finally came home.

They told police they walked to a store for soda and a pack of cigarettes.

Both women are facing child abandonment charges.

Their children were taken into state custody.