Accused purse thieves “foiled” by officers

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Some creative shoplifters in Edmond almost got away with a huge haul of designer purses but they were “foiled” by an alert and brave security guard.    

TJ Maxx has aisles and aisles of expensive, designer purses.     

Authorities said the shoplifters loaded up a suitcase with nearly $2,500 in purses and wallets and waltzed right past those door security scanners.   

The alleged purse snatchers devised a scheme to cover the electronic tags with aluminum foil. 

But they didn’t realize someone was watching them.  

Loss prevention team officers were scanning the store with security cameras.  

One of them chased the pair to the parking lot where a struggle ensued. 

“The suspect did threaten to shoot the loss prevention officer,” Edmond Police's Jenny Monroe said. “They got into a fight and fell to the ground swinging at each other.”

Police never found a gun but they caught up with Rodney Carson and Marshell Mitchell not far from the store and took them into custody.    

Inside the car, stolen merchandise from TJ Maxx and several other area department stores.