In Your Corner Update: Water bills skyrocket

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GUTHRIE, Okla.-- Homeowners in southern Logan County said they are outraged over soaring water bills.

Dozens of families came to us with complaints about Logan County Rural Water District No. 1.

They claim the district is billing them for water they’re not using.

Homeowner Chandler Frost said, “I didn't have any idea it would be $610 to $700 consecutive months.”

Some residents have even seen their monthly water bill soar from less than $100 to more than $2,000.

The water district recently raised its summer rates and ordered a mandatory water ration.

Water district manager, Buddy Thompson, claims the outrageous bills are a direct result of homeowners over-watering their lawns.

He said, “They're putting more on their lawn than they realize.”

Customers like Chris and Erryn Gray said they’ve heeded the district’s ration warning, yet their bills continue to skyrocket.

They wonder if the water district is failing to properly read meters.

Erryn said, “They can check our meters, make sure they're working right, change our meters if they have to.”

The district claims its workers are thoroughly trained to track water usage. 

“We only charge ‘em for what that meter reads that month,” Thompson said. “There's no adjusting at that time.”

However, customers have another theory involving air in the water pipes.

Erryn said, “[You] turn your faucets on and they're spitting and sputtering and shaking.”

The water district said there's no proof to suggest air caused anyone's water bill to jump.

While the district has issued a credit to some customers, both sides appear to be standing their ground.

A board meeting is scheduled for Thursday night and a number of families plan to be there to address the board about their concerns.

We'll keep you posted on the outcome.