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Oklahoma’s Black Widow invasion

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- We've all seen that infamous red hour glass. 

Just the sight of a Black Widow is enough to frighten parent, Molly Gray.

"I like spiders from afar. I don't like them on me," she said. 

Oklahoma Poison Control said there are more Black Widows than usual this year. 

A mild winter means these menacing spiders are able to survive and thrive.

Clinical Supervisor Randy Badillo said, "The numbers, by all accounts, are dramatically increased right now. You may get bit."

There have been nearly 60 reported spider bites so far this season. 

However, experts said most are avoidable.

Experts suggest thoroughly inspecting boots and work gloves before putting them on. 

Spiders like to hide in dark places. 

Badillo said, "Before you get into your lawn chair, fold it open, bang it around. Make sure he's not hanging around in your seat. We had a call like that recently."

A Black Widow bite is rarely fatal but the venom can lead to headaches, muscle pain and nausea.

Molly Gray told us, "I won't be taking any chances when it comes protecting my little ones. If I see one, I'm already too close."

Oklahoma Poison Control would like to hear from you if you've been bitten.

They keep an annual record of spider bites and can direct you to appropriate treatment.