McDonald’s new calorie signs roll out across state

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Before you get fries with that, you may want to do some math.

That will now be a lot easier because McDonald's is rolling out new menus with the calorie counts of every item listed right on the signs.

They are supposed to be put in place across the country next week.

At the OKC McDonald's at Britton and the Broadway, the new menus are already up. 

That makes dietitians like Karen Funderburg happy.

"I am very excited to see the calories at the point of purchase so that, maybe not everyone will make a different choice, but some people will make a different choice or maybe not eat there at all," she said.

Each item has the calorie count and the value meals show the total calories. 

We caught up with some lunchtime customers who were seeing the menus for the first time.

"It gives a realization of, 'Holy crap, i"m eating that much," one diner said.

Another diner said, "It's great because it helps us be more accountable for what we're putting in our mouth."

Obesity an obvious problem in our Super Size Nation and childhood obesity skyrocketing as well.

Funderburg believes these new menus can be valuable teaching tools for our kids.

"I think it's much easier for parents to say, "Well, you have 400 calories to spend.'" she said. "The children can still make some choices but they have to stay in that calorie range."

So next time you head to Mickey D's, be prepared for some new numbers. 

It may make you reconsider what you order.