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Deer Creek parents concerned over bus stop speeding

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DEER CREEK, Okla. -- This school year has brought many changes to the Deer Creek School District in northwestern Oklahoma County.

The district opened a brand new middle school and streamlined the bus routes in order to get all of the students to school on time.

However, parents in one neighborhood have some legitimate concerns about their assigned bus stop.

They live in the Springer Run addition along Rockwell north of N.W. 164th St.

The bus used to make a turn into the one-street neighborhood for two stops along the cul-de-sac.

This year, the district changed the route so that all intermediate, middle and high school students catch the bus at the neighborhood entrance, along Rockwell.

The speed limit is 55 mph.

Parents are concerned about speeders along Rockwell Ave.

They have videotaped drivers who fail to stop for the school bus as students board and exit.

"It takes just three minutes to turn on this street, go down here, make two stops and come back," Deer Creek parent Randy Hampton said. "But this year they have to walk onto Rockwell to get onto the bus. The bus doesn't even pull into the left-turn lane. It is a safety issue."

Concerned parents went to the district first.

They said their concerns are not being taken seriously because the route has not been changed.

The school district provided this statement regarding all parent transportation concerns:

"Deer Creek's top priority is safety which includes the safe transport of students. Any time there has been a concern regarding transportation safety, it has been reviewed multiple times by drivers and transportation leads [sic]. Parents have an appeal process in which a concern may then be evaluated again at the district level. All decisions made by the District have been communicated to parents. Parents have been accustomed to almost door-to-door stops in the past but as we have grown and added students and routes, we have had to consolidate bus stops. All bus stops in Deer Creek meet State and Federal guidelines. Safety of our children is a partnership between the district and parents. We also encourage everyone driving on our roads to be aware of busses and the importance of safety in regards to loading and unloading our students."

-Lenis DeRieux-Winkle, Deer Creek District Spokesperson