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Metro couple in moving nightmare

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro couple said they are in the middle of a moving nightmare. 

Ed and Stella Matallana moved into their new Oklahoma City home almost three weeks ago but the moving company still hasn't delivered their furniture and boxes. 

They're starting to question if they're ever going to see their things again.

The Matallanas actually moved to Oklahoma City from Fort Worth back in April. 

At the time, they didn't know where they were going to live, so they told the moving company to put their things in storage. 

They ended up building a house and are now in that home, but the company, All Star Moving out of Florida, has yet to deliver.

The Matallanas said they were looking forward to starting their new life back in Oklahoma. 

"We both grew up here in Oklahoma so it was coming home so that's a good thing and so we were really excited about that," Stella said.

They built a brand new house but it's missing a few things. 

Instead of a refrigerator, they have ice chests. 

There's no washer and dryer and they're sleeping on a mattress on the floor. 

"None of the comforts you're used to. I mean we have it in storage someplace," Stella said.

The Matallanas household items are sitting at the Public Storage near 122nd St. and Hefner Rd. 

But they can't get them because the moving company purchased the unit and they won't deliver it to the house. 

"It's just the lies, the constant, just the constant lying, not being truthful, their attitude, passing the buck," Ed said. 

The couple moved into their new home the end up August. 

All Star Moving told them their stuff would be delivered Sept. 3. 

That date came and went and so did three others. 

Weeks later, they still don't have their belongings. 

They said the furniture is replaceable but other things are not. 

"We've got 30-plus years of memories, pictures, memorabilia, just everything, you know? Our wedding, just you know," Ed said.   

To top it off, the storage facility told them the moving company hadn't paid for the unit and their things were in danger of being auctioned. 

"Nobody could believe that there's such companies like that, that are putting you through the ringer like this. It's just not right," Ed said. 

For now, Ed and Stella are filing complaints with several different agencies and just waiting to fully move into their new home. 

The Matallans said the moving company did end up paying for the storage. 

The customer service manager for All Star Moving tells News Channel 4 several things have gone wrong with this delivery. 

He said they had a truck break down and they don't have that many drivers right now. 

He said the Matallanas should have their belongings by Wednesday.