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Woman charged for murder in 9-year-old cold case

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PAWNEE COUNTY, Okla. -- Murder charges have been filed in a 9-year-old cold case.

A Multi-County Grand Jury handed down an indictment charging a 31-year-old woman in Pawnee County with one count of murder.

Wednesday prosecutors unsealed that indictment.

The suspect is currently behind bars serving time on separate drug and perjury charges.

Now prosecutors have added first-degree murder to the list.

Back in July 2003, 26-year-old Heath Riley Reams vanished without a trace.

To this day, several websites list Reams as missing.

His body has never been recovered.

Although back in 2003, in a remote wooded area, investigators did find his SUV.

Six months after reams disappearance the OSBI began to investigate the case.

"We have a long case built on it but we've not had enough to make an arrest," OSBI spokesperson Jessica Brown said.

That all changed with the indictment, accusing Amanda Sanders-Bolstad of using a baseball bat to beat Reams to death.

Bolstad already has a lengthy criminal history with the Department of Corrections.

Now it'll be up to prosecutors to convict her of murder.

"It will be a difficult case for prosecutors but the Multi-County Grand Jury felt there was enough to indict and charge," Brown said. "It's a positive step in the right direction. We hope it's enough to prosecute. We'll do everything we can do to make sure that happens."

If convicted, the suspect would face either the death penalty or life without parole.

She's due back in court in October.