Man holds burglar at gunpoint

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Mike Boley held an alleged thief at gunpoint for almost 10 minutes when he said he found him stealing tools from Johnson Equipment Company on South Purdue in Oklahoma City early Tuesday morning.

"I was sleeping hard last night," he said. "Got a call last night at 3:45 a.m. from our alarm company that we had a motion sensor activated in our warehouse."

They'd had several break-ins in the last few months, so Mike, who has a conceal and carry gun permit, was ready.

"From about right here I could see in the corner someone on his knees," he said. "I saw tools laying out there I knew something was wrong. I protected myself behind a vehicle, raised my weapon and asked the guy to lay down and not move. We stood here until the police got here."

Keith Anthony Dean, 44, was arrested on the spot. 

Boley said Dean left one thing behind.

"I can tell you I found the guy's jeans out on the sidewalk when it was all over," he said.

Police found methamphetamine in Dean's pants.  

He faces multiple charges including possession of a drug and burglary.