Town captures escapee in front of church

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ALEX, Okla. -- A community effort to track down an escapee ends with one man's trip to jail.

Jonathan Jones, 19, was still in handcuffs as he ran through the town of Alex but he was captured and detained by a group of people in front of a local church.

"He was right there in front of the ice thing and the car was on number three," store clerk Jean Martin said.

The man Martin is talking about is Jonathan Jones.

He was in handcuffs, inside a deputy's car that was parked in front of the store's ice freezer.

The car parked beside fuel pump number three.

Authorities said Jones was driving it around the parking lot while under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

"He saw him driving around in a parking lot and about 30 minutes later, he got him out of the car and performed a field sobriety test on him which he was unable to successfully complete," Grady County Assistant District Attorney Amanda Mullins said.

"And we were watching him do the sobriety test on him making him do all that stuff," Martin said.

Before anyone knew it, while the deputy was questioning Jones' girlfriend, Jones managed to get out of the deputy's car and make a mad dash through the streets of Alex.

Store employees watched it all play out and alerted the deputy.

"Do you know the guy just took off? Cop says 'no,' and that's when they went after him," Martin said.

The deputy and a couple of other local police departments scoured the town, Jones did not make it far.

"They received information that he was in Alex surrounded by the citizens still handcuffed on Main Street," Mullins said.

He was pinned up at the town's Methodist church and was still in handcuffs and detained by the local town folk.

Jones' bond was set at $25,000, because he has a criminal record.

As for the deputy, authorities said he acted within procedure and that Jones' escape was an unusual circumstance.

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