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Parents call 911 to get kids out of bed

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EDMOND, Okla.  -- From speeders to burglars, Edmond officer Michael King has pursued them all, so he thought. 

Cops are now dealing with a new kind of emergency.

King said, "Whenever parents reach their limits, they think it becomes a police problem."

It happens every school year; kids are unwilling to surrender their summer for the classroom. 

When parents can't handle their unruly, defiant children, they call Edmond's Communications Center.

Dispatch has fielded repeat calls from frustrated parents who can't get their kids out of bed and on the bus.

Dispatcher Jessica Spurgeon said, "That's not an emergency. That's a parenting problem."

Emergency lines are tied up for minutes, preventing dispatchers like Jessica Spurgeon from handling *real* emergencies.

Because the children aren't really commiting a crime, police can only offer advice and encouragement.

But a black and white in the driveway doesn't always help.

King said, "Unfortunately, with discipline issues, they have no respect for authority. We can't make much more of a difference. But at least we can try."

Authorities said they wish parents would make more of an effort, freeing up disatchers and police for legitimate emergencies.