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Controversial call outrages NFL fans

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SEATTLE -- National Football League fans are still bitter about the controversial call in the last seconds of the Green Bay v. Seattle game Monday night.

The Seahawks were down five points in the fourth quarter with just five seconds left in the game.

Seattle's quarterback threw up a "Hail Mary" pass and a Seattle player was ruled to have come down with the ball in the end zone, scoring a touchdown.

However, many fans saw a Green Bay player with possession of the ball, clutched to his chest with the Seattle player having just his arms touching the ball.

Two of the officials raced over to the pile of players to make the call.

One signaled touchdown, one signaled interception.

The play was eventually ruled a touchdown after officials reviewed the instant replay video.

Seattle won the game 14 to 12.

The controversial call is the second in the past two nights of prime time football.

Fans are angry about dozens of officiating calls in recent weeks during a time when replacement referees are filling in for NFL refs as they continue to negotiate pay and pension benefits with the league.