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Fire chars first OKC Hideaway Pizza location

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Investigators now know what caused the fire that destroyed the inside of Hideaway Pizza on N. Western Ave. Tuesday morning.

An electrical short sparked the flames at the popular pizza shop just before 3:30 am.

Walking through the burned restaurant, District Manager Conrad Buchner went through the damage.

Hours earlier he watched crews tackle smoke and flames.

"I have spent a lot of hours at every store and seeing one on fire and smoke coming out of one of them is not a good feeling, not a good day," Buchner said.

Buchner said the Hideaway Pizza on Western was the first Oklahoma City location.

It was built 15 years ago and is a staple in the community.

"I feel very, very sad," customer Dinky Hammam said. "I think my kids will be mildly traumatized."

"It makes me sad because I eat there quite a bit," T.J. Jordan said.

Charred pizza boxes and soot now cover the floor.

Firefighters said one of the most challenging aspects of fighting this blaze was the roof.

They said the flames became trapped between the ceiling and the top layer of the roof.

The kitchen suffered the most damage.

Owner Darren Lister drove in from Tulsa to find broken windows boarded up and caution tape wrapped around the pizza shop.

He has nearly 60 employees at this location.

"We have five other restaurants in Oklahoma City so it wont be a problem to get them to work in different places," Lister said.

Looking back at firefighters fighting smoke and flames, managers are relieved the fire happened when those employees were gone.

"I'm just glad nobody was here so nobody got hurt," Buchner said.

The owner said he plans to start gutting the restaurant and rebuilding the inside as soon as possible in order to get the restaurant back open.