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Man accused in gambling ring released from jail until trial

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A high-profile criminal suspect fights to be released from jail.

The metro man is accused of running an illegal high-stakes gambling operation.

The 81-count federal indictment unsealed this week names 10 defendants.

Teddy Mitchell, two of his sons, and six others are facing charges of wire fraud and money laundering.

Mitchell's wife, Julie, was found murdered in the couple's home in Nov. 2010.

Teddy Mitchell's alleged involvement as an illegal gambler immediately came to light, making him the center of a lengthy criminal investigation.

"He's been under a microscope for two years from Oklahoma City police, FBI, IRS and everybody else," Mitchell's attorney Scott Adams said.

Adams denies his client broke any gambling laws but prosecutors claim Teddy Mitchell used his home to operate a series of high-stakes poker games.

They also claim he took wagers on sporting events using a website in Costa Rica.

Prosecutors charged Mitchell's son Dryden, a second son Nick and several other suspects in the metro as well as in California and Nevada with being involved in the illegal gambling.

As the alleged mastermind of the gambling ring, Teddy Mitchell is the only local suspect prosecutors sought to have detained without bond.

Adams said, "They're accusing him of being a flight risk. Really? I don't think it's right."

"You don't run off when you own property and your family is here," Garvin Isaacs said.

Garvin Isaacs isn't connected to the case but said federal prosecutors cannot arbitrarily decide to detain suspects without cause.

"You can't just go in and say this guys is a flight risk," Isaacs said. "The judge, and the judge alone, decides if he's a danger and whether he is a flight risk."

Late Tuesday afternoon a hearing was held in federal court to decide if Mitchell should be released on bond pending trial.

Prosecutors claim Mitchell posed a flight risk and should not be given a bond.

In the end, a judge disagreed.

Mitchell will be allowed to get out of jail and remain under house arrest.

Right now the case is set for trial in November.