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Toddler dies after apparent child abuse

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City Police are dealing with yet another homicide; this one involves a metro toddler.

The child was rushed to the hospital over the weekend and later died.

Police said her death is a result of child abuse; her aunt has been arrested.

Two-year-old Jessica Chau’s mother did not want to talk to us on camera.

Family members said she would like to grieve in private.

However, we did talk to the child’s uncle who is quite confused about what happened.

All he knows is niece is dead and his wife is now in jail. 

OKC Police MSgt.Gary Knight said, “It’s a very sad and horrible case of child abuse.”

A case police said started inside a northwest Oklahoma City home.

Police said Jessica Chau was critically injured while in the care of her aunt, 49-year-old Van Le.

The child later died at a metro hospital.

Knight said, “It’s sad anytime someone loses their life in a murder case but it particularly shocks the conscience when it’s a 2-year-old child; a child that can’t defend themselves from that type of abuse.”

Mohamed, Le’s husband, said, “She got sick. I don’t know what happened to Jessica. I don’t know what happened. I go home and say, ‘What happened to Jessica?'”

Mohamed said his wife had watched the little girl at their home for over a year now.

He said he loved the little girl like his own and doesn’t believe his wife would have ever hurt her.

Mohamed said, “Yesterday my wife called and said Jessica died but I don’t know what happened.”

As for Jessica, Mohamed said his wife told him the little girl had been asleep on the couch when something went wrong.

She called 911 and the child was rushed to the hospital.

He said, “I go to the doctor. The doctor say Jessica has a problem right here (patting the back of his head).”

Police won’t elaborate on what doctors said about Jessica’s injuries.

Knight said, “The child was very clearly abused to the point of dying.”

Police said Van Le is their only suspect in the case.

The Medical Examiner’s office said they are still working to determine an official cause as to how the child died.