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Thief steals newly-wed family jewels

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EDMOND, Okla. -- While newlyweds Joey and Danielle Sager were travelling, an unwelcome guest was in their home.  

A network of hidden cameras captured a man ring the door bell, then when nobody answered, the suspected thief walked around the back to punch out a window.

Within minutes, you can see the thief leave with a jewelry box tucked under his arm.                       

The gold, diamonds and pearls inside have great sentimental value.

Joey Sager said, "She lost the pearls she got married in. She lost earrings given to her from her grandmother. She lost the diamonds from a ring given to her from her dad. It was a tough loss for her."

Detectives said they believe the intruder knew exactly what he wanted and where to find it, almost as if he'd cased this east Edmond home before.

Edmond Police spokesperson Jenney Monroe said, "The victims have gone through the house. There were electronics sitting out. Nothing was taken. It's one man acting alone."     
The newlyweds never imagined they'd be spending the first days of marriage boarding up windows and upgrading the alarm system.

"We're taking steps now with our security company to figure out how to make this place even more secure," Sager said. "To step up the alarm system, place cameras even more strategically and the next time we will catch this guy."

The Sagers hope someone recognizes the white male in a red t-shirt or the white, four-door sedan he was driving. 

They'd hate for anyone else to lose a priceless family heirloom.