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Investigation continues into deadly Wynnewood blast

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WYNNEWOOD, Okla.—Investigators are still looking into an industrial accident that left one man dead and another injured Friday.

Witnesses reported a blast at the refinery in Wynnewood just after 6 p.m. on Friday evening.

According to authorities, the accident happened during the “turn around” period, when the refinery is shut down for maintenance.

Sheriff Larry Rhodes, with the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office, said, “The best we can tell is that during this turn-around at this refinery, during the maintenance and the rebuild of this piece of equipment, the unit, a blast or a detonation occurred at the unit, which caused these injuries of these two employees.”

One man died at the scene and another employee was seriously injured and air-lifted to an Oklahoma City hospital.

Both the medical examiner and OSHA are investigating the blast.