Bethany Police investigate drive-by shootings

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BETHANY, Okla. -- Bethany Police are investigating a violent shooting spree aimed at a homeowner in the area.

They were called to the same Bethany home three times within 24 hours.

They say the homeowner actually confronted the people he believed had shot at his home, and that's when the situation really got dangerous.

It happened at 7625 N.W. 26th Street.

Police were called to the home the first time around 11:18 p.m. Saturday.

Someone had opened fire on the house.

"Last night, we had about six rounds fired at this residence. Fortunately, nobody was hit. We recovered bullet fragments, recovered one full bullet and also there's several holes in the house," said Bethany Deputy Police Chief, John Reid.

Reid says Sunday afternoon, the homeowner saw the suspects drive by his house again and and he went out to confront them.

"Apparently there were some words exchanged between an occupant in the vehicle and the individual in the front yard and at that point in time, they fired a round at him," said Reid. 

The homeowner was not hit and an officer who just happened to be in the area pulled over the vehicle and arrested the two men and one woman inside.

Police say the suspects and victim were familiar with each other and that the shootings may have resulted from an ongoing situation.

"Apparently there was some type of incident that happened at a casino and we believe this is stemming from this incident.  We're early in our investigation and still trying to put everything together," said Reid.

Bethany police were interviewing the suspects Sunday night to get a better idea of what happened.

They planned to serve a search warrant on their vehicle Monday morning.

The suspects could be facing charges of shooting with intent to kill and possibly charges of drive by shooting if they're connected to the shootings from Saturday night.