KFOR behind-the-scenes legend retires after 43 years

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Every day it takes a huge team to bring you the news here on News Channel 4.

There's someone behind the scenes we want you to know about.

Friday night was Bill Lambert's last night here at Channel 4.

He is retiring after 43 years of dedicated service.

Think about that, he started back in 1969.

Most recently he ran the cameras but he's done just about every job in the building since her started working here and we've been lucky to have him.

He simply can't be replaced.

He's been such a loyal and hardworking co-worker stretching all the way back to when this television station was still known as WKY.

Bill even ran camera for Jack Ogle, Kevin and Kent’s dad, back in the day.

Best of luck to you, Bill.

We know you're looking forward to spending a lot more time with your wife and family and you deserve it.

We are going to miss you.