Lights off at Quail Springs Mall

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Quail Springs Mall lost all power over the weekend, leaving shoppers in the dark.

About 5 p.m. Sunday night shopper were asked to leave the mall after the entire complex lost power.

Hundreds of customers were inside the AMC theater when it went completely dark.

Aiden Ewing was inside the theater watching a movie during the power outage.

"It was just weird, I mean it never happened before we were just sitting in the theater and we were watching the movie, and it was fairly good part of the movie and it was just black. Total darkness. We were like, 'What's going on?' None of us had ever gone through anything like this before." said Ewing.

The theater told patrons they would let them come back to watch their movie again.

Officials with OG&E tweeted Sunday that they were having trouble with a circuit, causing outages in the North Penn and North May area.