Happy ending for 4-legged wildfire victims

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NORMAN, Okla. -- We told you last week about a five-acre lot in Norman that was overrun with abandoned cats and kittens.

Jim Cunningham said he believes most were left behind when families ran from the summer wildfires that swept through southeast Norman.

Monday morning, volunteers with "Hands Helping Paws" in Norman began rounding up the cats.

Several veterinarians have offered to give them the medical attention they desperately need.

"Hands Helping Paws" rescues and cares for hundreds of cats each year.

They are leaving a car load of donated food behind for the felines they couldn't corral; a happy ending for some of Oklahoma's smallest fire victims.

"Hands Helping Paws" is a non-profit organizations and appreciates volunteers and donations.

If you'd like to help them you can check out their Facebook page and the "Hands Helping Paws" website.