Paddle People

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- The “Paddle People” will quiet down during Oklahoma State football games because of new stadium rules.

The Big 12 decided to eliminate all artificial noisemakers and said this shows good sportsmanship.

The Cowboy tradition is grandfathered in.

As part of the agreement, the students can no longer paddle just before the opposing team snaps the ball or during the play.

Paddle People President Jeremy Duck said, "There is the possibility of a consequence of a 15 yard penalty towards Oklahoma State if the referees feel that we are exceeding the no paddling during play".

During a meeting earlier this week, Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder discussed the topic with other Big 12 schools.

OSU issued this statement regarding the decision:

“During a sportsmanship discussion this week, the Athletic Directors voted to not allow artificial noisemakers into league stadiums. At Coach Holder’s request, the Paddle People were grandfathered in, but under the same parameters of play/padding as the band or other stadium music or noise.”

The new rule goes into effect Saturday.