Pharmacist convicted of murder files appeal

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma pharmacist convicted of murder officially appeals his verdict.

Monday attorneys representing Jerome Ersland asked the court of criminal appeals to overturn Ersland's life sentence.

The appeal claims Ersland got ineffective counsel during his trial in May 2011

Ersland's supporters now question the defense strategy not to call any expert witnesses or put Ersland himself on the stand.

"There is no doubt this was ineffective counsel, the worst we've ever seen," State Senator Ralph Shortey said.

Not surprisingly, Ersland's former attorney, Irven Box, defends the work he did on the case.

He calls the appeal a politically motivated sham.

"This publicity stunt using the court of criminal appeals is unethical and unprofessional. I think it's cowardly," Irven Box said.

Ersland's supporters admit the appeal is an uphill fight.

The burden of proving ineffective counsel is very high.