Widow wants change at metro intersection

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma woman has a warning for drivers after she lost her husband in a deadly motorcycle accident just a few short weeks ago.

It was Sept. 2, 2012, police said a SUV headed westbound on Northwest Expressway made an illegal turn into the path of a motorcycle that was also westbound on the other side of the concrete barrier. 

The motorcycle rider later died from his injuries.

City officials have made changes to the intersection in the last month; however, this widow is not sure it's enough to keep someone else from the same fate as her husband.

Jenn Steele lost her husband in the accident.

She said, "It's been hard on us but the one thing that's getting me through is my faith."

Jenn's husband of just six months, Adam Steele, was taken to a metro hospital but he later died from his injuries.

Police said Adam was on a motorcycle.

He had exited I-44 onto westbound Northwest Expressway when an SUV to the left of this concrete barrier made a right hand turn, crossing into Adam's path.

Adam hit the back-end of the SUV, landing directly underneath it.

Jenn said, "I never expected at 28 years old to have to bury my husband."

As a former paramedic and now-police officer, Jenn said she has seen and heard of many accidents at that intersection.

She's hoping Adam's death can spark change.

She said, "I just think it's poorly marked."

"We clearly can't take the concrete barrier through the intersection or else other traffic can't move either," Eric Wenger said, with the City of Oklahoma City.

Though some change has happened; in just the last month the city has altered the lights for westbound traffic, adding arrows instead of just solid green lights.

They've also added additional signage and have asked police to step up patrols at the intersection.

Despite the change, even today our camera caught a driver making the same illegal turn which caused Adam's crash.

Jenn said she hopes others will see her story and choose to not make that turn.

"Pay attention when you're driving," Jenn said. "Look to your left, look to your right. Be aware of other drivers regardless of whether they're in a car or a motorcycle."   

Jenn admits Adam was not wearing a helmet though she doesn't think he could have survived the accident even with protection.

Oklahoma City officials said they will continue to monitor the intersection to see if more changes need to be made.