Car accident hits parked cars, bus stop, building

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The parking lot of Classen Tag Agency resembles a demolition derby. 

Owner Jeff Segell said, "Of all places to have a multi-car accident, a tag agency; a little ironic."

Segell was helping a lobby full of customers when the usual traffic at 30th St. and Classen came to a deafening crescendo.

"It got loud today," he said. "I looked up to see a car going down the sidewalk. It got our attention pretty quick."

According to Oklahoma City police, the driver of a Honda Element was travelling northbound and ran a red light. 

The SUV hit a car in the intersection and then plowed into the tag agency.

Carrie Vandiver had just arrived here when she heard the commotion.

"I heard it," she said. "I was sitting back there. It sounded like a freight train. 'Crunch, crash, boom.' It was crazy."

The SUV plowed into Carrie's car and several others. 

Luckily, the out-of-control vehicle only grazed the packed brick building.

The accident caused morning traffic delays, thousands of dollars in property damage and landed two people in the hospital. 

Thankfully, the injuries were not serious.

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