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Firefighters rescue man from burning home

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man is recovering after being trapped in his burning home.

The fire happened in the 3200 block of S. Stults Ave. just before midnight Wednesday.

Debris now litters Bennie Rodden's lawn after fire fighters rushed to put out the fire that put the 56-year-old grandfather in the hospital.

A call too close for Rodden's neighbor, Beverly Gosciniak.

"He's a good friend of mine so I really feel bad for him. He watched over me all the time," Gosciniak said.

Crews said Rodden was asleep on the couch when the fire started; the same couch where investigators believe the blaze began.

Firefighters said Rodden tried to escape through the back of the home but they found him collapsed on the floor beside the door.

"He did have some extensive burns to the front side of his body and to his arms and around his face," Batallion Chief Chris Jackson said.

Investigators said they aren't sure what started the fire.

Rodden's brother was on the scene moments after fire fighters called the family.

He said his brother suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation.

Fire investigators will be investigating to find out what exactly caused the fire.

Rodden's condition is unknown.