Thieves steal bulldogs in break-in

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Bandits barge into a metro home and steal three English bulldogs.

This is one of a handful of stolen dog cases this week.

Kirk Coyer and his wife just received Dottie, Avee and Skeeter on Saturday.

The pups are only six weeks old, just weaned from their mother.

The couple has six other dogs that are still safe and sound; it appears their new babies were the intended victims.

The Coyers are foster parents with the Humane Society and just want the new puppies back.

Animal advocates said when buying any pet, you should ask lots of questions about how the person selling the pet got them.

They said, in many cases, people may not realize they are buying a stolen pet.

Anyone with information on Dottie, Avee and Skeeter is asked to call police.

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