Family wants treatment for autistic adult son

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THE VILLAGE, Okla. -- It's heartbreaking to watch. 

The family of 31-year-old Stephen Puckett family said he's been diagnosed with autism, mental retardation and suffers from seizures that make him violent.   

His mother, Mary Puckett, said she loves her son but when he gets aggressive she's afraid.

"I go into the bedroom here and I have a quick latch I can turn for safety," she said.

This past weekend his parents were forced to once again call Village Police to subdue him.

He was hospitalized but Puckett said he won't be there for long. 

She says she's always told the same thing.

"Because of Title 43 A which is the mental health law," she said. "It states if you have a dual diagnosis such as mental retardation and autism, they are not going to treat him. These are the barriers that we're running into that need to be taken down."

Her goal is to get him medically stabilized so he can be in a group home run by DHS. 

She's worried the way the system is now, that won't be the case.

"We don't want to get together for a funeral; that's where we are headed with this," she said.

We talked with the Department of Human Services about the problem. 

They told us they can't comment on specific cases but did say a dual diagnosis can make it tough to get long-term medical treatment. 

Puckett fears that with the rise of autism in our country, the problem her family faces could become more common. 

She hopes someone helps her to address it. 

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