Suspects arrested in violent murder

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UPDATE: Law enforcement officials have cleared Randy Hayes in the murder case of Albert Rider. Hayes was interviewed and at this time will not face any charges related to this crime.

POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY -- Pottawatomie County Sheriff Michael Booth said a witness who was outside working on his house heard the fatal gunshots that killed 53-year-old Albert Rider.

"The witness told us they heard yelling and two gunshots," Booth said.

Investigators said a cell phone left at the scene lead them to four suspects.

"We found a phone on the side of the road close to where the victim was," Booth said. "That phone had a bloody print on it. We were able to get recent text messages and track those text messages to another phone in OKC."

Overnight police arrested Michael Choate, who used to work for the victim, as well as James South.

Bradley Keith was arrested late Tuesday afternoon.

The affidavit describes a brutal death where the victim was shot multiple times and suffered blunt-force trauma to the head.

Deputies said the bandits left behind evidence and a bloody scene.

"We recovered a small gold chain we found on the side of the road," Booth said. "Inside Rider's work van was a large amount of blood as well as on top. We found more on the side."

Court documents state the suspects staked out the home and smoked meth before committing the robbery-turned-murder.

"Cleveland County investigators have recovered what they believe to be all of the items stolen from the burglary with the exception of two guns," Booth said.

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