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Douglass principal on paid leave pending school investigation

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Douglass High School principal is now on paid administrative leave while the school district investigates allegations of grade tampering.

Oklahoma City Public Schools announced the decision to place Dr. Brian Staples on paid leave Wednesday.

School officials at Douglass High are accused of changing grades, encouraging teachers to pass failing students and altering attendance records.

Authorities are reviewing a complaint filed by former administrators, teachers and students.

Two former students have come forward claiming they failed classes but received passing grades.

A former teacher said he was encouraged to pass every student.

The school district started investigating the allegations back in June.

District officials have also been in contact with the U.S. Department of Education.

During a brief press conference Wednesday, Deputy Superintendent Sandra Park said some of the allegations are false but the investigation is still ongoing.

Oklahoma City Public Schools later released this statement:

As the result of an extensive investigation conducted by an independent attorney hired by the district, Dr. Brian Staples, principal of Douglass High School has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

The investigation began in June 2012 as a result of allegations presented to the Board of Education by the NAACP. We take the results of this ongoing investigation seriously.

A majority of the allegations were unfounded. However we are continuing our investigation of the remaining allegations.

We are taking immediate, proactive steps to ensure the students and staff at Douglass have a positive and stable learning environment. We are assembling an administrative team that will provide ongoing, onsite leadership to support the existing administrative leadership team in the interim.

It is unclear when the investigation will be complete.

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