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Family speaks out after accused shooter released from jail

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EL RENO, Okla. -- Police arrested Leonard Keller for assault and battery with a deadly weapon shortly after the shooting.

Looking at her son's truck riddled with bullet holes for the first time, Norma Epperson is shaken.

"Oh my God. It's amazing he lived. It really is," the mother said.

Her son, Trent Epperson, wasn't ready to talk about the shooting.

The man he said did it, Leonard Keller, is now out of jail on a $50,000 bond; a development unsettling to the victim's family.

"We are scared for our lives," Norma Epperson said.

Canadian County Sheriff's officials said Epperson was shot twice at Keller's home.

He drove from the scene and wrecked his truck less than three miles away.

Epperson was found in a field the day after he was shot when someone driving down the road spotted his truck in the ditch.

I'm sick to my stomach," Norma Epperson said. "Nobody deserves to get shot and left to lay on the side of the road."

Epperson led authorities to the suspect.

When they showed up to Keller's home they heard gunfire.

It turned out, Keller shot himself but survived his injuries.

We tried to contact Keller to get his side of the story but were unable to reach him.

Family members question why someone facing a serious charge is out on bond.

District Attorney Paul Hesse said the bond amount was up to the Canadian County Judge.

"The courts have to do something to get justice," Norma Epperson said.

Meanwhile, the District Attorney said Keller could face up to life in prison for the charge against him.