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OKC couples line up to marry on special day 10.11.12

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Thursday is Oct. 11. That means it's 10-11-12, a very special date that comes once in a life time.

It has couples lining up to tie the knot.

"I do." Two words heard around Oklahoma City as people made their love official on a special date.

"I'm just in love and I'm so happy to be with him," Tiffany Donovan said. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

With the rings now placed on their fingers, Tiffany and Matt Donovan were married in front of the downtown library after knowing one another for two years.

"I'm awe-struck by the feelings and I'm awe-struck by her," Matt Donovan said.

It's a date they are sure to remember.

"We just wanted something very memorable, something he wouldn't forget," Tiffany Donovan said.

Meanwhile, Sutton and Robert Brazel knew one another 16 years before saying their vows.

They shared the Donovan's reason for getting married on 10-11-12 and chose our News Channel 4 studio as a venue to tie the knot.

They went to Wedding Officiant Joy Huber for help.

In 2007, Justices of the Peace stopped performing weddings at the courthouse in Oklahoma County.

Since then, wedding officiants have seen a spike in couples coming to them to get married.

On special dates like this, Huber is extra busy.

"On the average Thursday I may have one ceremony, whereas today, I have four," Huber said. "So it does increase and I may get more."

Signing a marriage license with a new last name, and as husband and wife, couples said it was as simple as one, two, three, or 10-11-12.

"I've been wanting to marry him such a long time and this day has finally come," Tiffany Donovan said. "Finally, I'm married to the man I love the most."

If you're feeling the love, officiants can be found at marrymeok.com.

NewsChannel 4's Courtney Francisco talked with the bride before the ceremony.

The date only comes once, ever: Oct. 11, 2012.

A few months ago Sutton Young and Robert Brazel chose 10.11.12 as their wedding date.

The couple got engaged about a year ago, after dating for a year.

Brazel is from Indiana and Young is from Texas.

They met in Texas and moved to Oklahoma a few months ago to begin their life together.

They have four children between them, and have actually known each other for 16 years.

Brazel chose the date because he knew it would be easy to remember.

Brazel and Young are just one of dozens of Oklahoma couples who will tie the knot on this memorable date.

However, they are the ONLY couple decided to make their special day even more memorable by having the ceremony performed on live TV.

Wedding officiant, Joy Hubert, who has four 10.11.12 weddings scheduled for Thursday, married Brazel and Young.

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